Sunday, May 12, 2019

My journey in New Year Resolutions

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Hi everyone. I'm new here but thought i'd share how one new years resolution changed my finances and health in ways I never would have expected.

So 2 years ago I decided I wasn't going to buy any new clothes or shoes for a year. I literally just stopped shopping and stuck with it for the whole year. My evenings changed from browsing the internet for stuff to buy to getting outside and walking. I'm not so strict now but still only buy clothes out of necessity and get no joy out of it. The decision made that day in January was a money and time saving revelation. I was able to chip away at the credit card debit. What a liberating feeling!

So last year, buoyed by the success if the previous resolution, I decided to only eat meals that i've prepared myself for a year. In the beginning it was a bit tricky. I sent all day sunday prepping food for the week and my husband, not yet in the same frame of mind, tried to sabotage my efforts by waving store purchased sugary goodies in my face. I don't know why he did that. Anyway, by about the middle of March I had some staple recipes, was saving money by prepping and became acutely aware of the effects food was having on my body. I decided to start lifting weights - brought a couple of kettlebells and hit youtube for some work outs, nothing fancy. I hit the hills with a fitness purpose in mind and fell in love with the changes in my body. By this time, my husband was able to see the benefits of my resolution and by about the middle of the year, was fully on board, only eating home prepped food and working out with me. Now he never buys processed food. We work out meals for the week together and prepare them together. The financial savings have been even greater than giving up buying clothes on a whim. Our food shop is well under £100 a month and we have no desire to eat takeaways or have restaurant meals.

So this year - well, I have decided to write down every penny I spend to see if I can save more money. Bearing in mind i'm no longer a slave to fashion and make all our food from fresh produce, I thought there wouldn't be many savings to be made. I was wrong. Oh my, those subscription services are sneaky. £5 a month here for Office, £7 there for Netflix, £5 for BT sport. Not anymore. I even stopped my Playstation+ sub, something I thought I couldn't live without. I've ditched my £35 monthly mobile contract for an £11 a month sim only contract and have changed my ISP/phone provider, halving £60 a month contract. I also don't go to an expensive hairdresser anymore but have found a lovely lady who works from home and charges a fraction of the salon prices. We're not half way through the year so there's still a way to go but I feel halfway to success already.

Anyway, because I never stopped the resolutions at the end of each year, the side effect of all the decisions is that I am debt free, healthier, fitter and have more time than I did when I started. I'm also happier. I feel I have more control over my life and i'm not in debt to anyone. I even have savings! Best of all, my relationship with my husband is stronger through our shared pursuit for a healthier, happier life. Who knew that deciding to stop buying clothes would have such a dramatic effect. Maybe it was really about taking control of spiralling debt and getting away from a daily grind of working for material stuff that has no meaning and little purpose. Maybe was just about seeing if I could do it. Whatever it was, it was absolutely one of the best decisions i've ever made.

Thank you for reading.

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