Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Mom has an embezzlement record...any hope for her?

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Hey guys, my mom has been out of a job for about 15 months now. She has a MBA in accounting. About 5 years ago, at a job; she was in charge of handling money. She would do her job then her boss would give her money for her to go to the bank and put into her employer's account. I'm not too sure if that's how it works but it works somewhat like that.

Anyways, one day, she lost about $2000 in cash. She confessed to her boss about it, and instead of handling it internally (she offered to work for a few months without pay) they ended up taking her to court for it. She was then facing a felony charge in embezzlement, and since she was too scared to fight the case (since she was the one in charge of the money) her lawyer suggested she plea guilty to be able to only be charged with a misdemeanor and not have to go to jail.

Unfortunately, this will forever be on her record. However, about 3 years ago, she received a job offer from the STATE of NC. She worked with peoples taxes, and filed them etc.

It wasn't until she applied for a permanent job at the company, that the hiring manager noticed my mother's record..something that was OVERLOOKED when she applied to have a temp position. At this time, my mom was the best employee, constantly getting high scores every month for her work effort, etc. However, once they discovered her record, she was immediately let go and now does not have a job.

She's applied for EVERYTHING. She gets invited to interviews, only to be rejected in the end.

My mother is depressed, she's gone days not eating, showering, etc. The only thing keeping her alive is her children. My father treats her inhumane since she has been out of work. She hates the idea of depending on him, and now she has no net worth.

Can anyone help me out with resources for my mother? Online jobs that may be able to hire her? I just really want to find some way to help her. I hate seeing who she has become now.

Thank you.

Edit: Want to mention, that any job where she can receive some sort of income would be fine. She's not picky at all. She just wants to feel somewhat dependent.

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