Tuesday, May 28, 2019

micromanage household money (homeowners)

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yesterday, our god damn Frigidaire dishwasher created it's last mess in my house.

had it for about 10 years, and had to have a couple of paid repairs during that time, so he's gone and will be replaced tomorrow.

anyhow, this got me thinking on micromanagement of household money for this and every damn thing around the house. (well not everything)

but, if you buy an appliance and expect (x) years out of it, and budget for it's replacement at the same time?

in my scenario, of a dishwasher.

if it's assumed a $600 dishwasher and we expect 5 years out of the POS, we should sock away $10 per month/every month of it's life for its eventual replacement.

keep using the damn thing until it dies, and lets say you get 10 years as i did and find a replacement within budget , you should have an extra $600 to invest, vacation or whatever.

my point is, there should be a continuous cost of ownership on all of these items so that, there are never any surprises (never, ha ha there will be the failure after warranty on something).

considering this for appliances, HVAC, Roof, tires, all those pain in the ass things that only homeowners get to enjoy :) .

furthermore, those considering buying a home could get a head start on this estimating these replacements and saving up the $$ to address them.

even better, if you could find a decent interest vehicle to place these funds.

it would certainly be better than paying for those home warranties maybe.

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