Saturday, May 11, 2019

I'm getting my own place soon and I have eaten out nearly every day for the past year. I need to start saving money.

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Well, like the title says, I have pretty much eaten out or scarfed down mistake pizzas from work for the past year. The reason why: messy roommates. Our sink is constantly full of dirty dishes and pans and our oven is disgusting. But, I'm getting my own place soon and that means I will have less money to spend on food, which I don't even want to spend in the first place. I have no idea where to start as far cooking goes, I don't even have any dishes or silverware, so I'd love to get some input from you guys as where to start.


Is an Instant Pot worth it? I've been looking at those as I work 12+ hr overnights and I'm pretty pressed for time/free-time. I'd love to make some healthy homemade dishes: pasta, chicken, maybe even some burritos.


What are some of your guys' favorite cheap foods/methods to cook quickly and effectively? I'm not picky by any means and I would love to get some advice as what I should be looking for when I go to the grocery store and what's all possible to be made in an Instant Pot or even the stove/oven for cheap.


Sorry if this post is redundant or lazy, but I honestly don't even know where to start and I'm really anxious about being able to afford my current place if my eating out habits can't stop. I am more than willing to eat healthier and meal-prep, but like I said, I barely have any time to myself due to the amount of hours/days I work a week.

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