Monday, May 13, 2019

I’m a college student looking for a summer gig to make some extra money. HELP!

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Hello reddit, I’m having some serious trouble trying to make more money. I’m trying my best to look for a summer job. I’m aiming to at least make 8k-26k within 2-4months in the summer time. I’ve only found jobs at Alaska working for Peter Pan as a Seafood processor. However they get paid only 9.80 an hour....I’m willing to work my ass off!! I’m talking 16+ hrs. Although I can only seem to find this really low paying job to do so. I have a buddy in Idaho that gets payed 18hr +tons of over time doing entry level firefighting and made 23k just last summer. I’m basically looking for the same opportunity to do something similar, where I can just work my ass off! However I’m trying to see what else is out there. If anyone can help me with their experiences or any knowledge regarding my concern, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ll have you know that I also am a certified forklift operator, with 2+ years experience in freight and am only 19yrs old

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