Sunday, May 12, 2019

If you live near a college campus, check their Free & For Sale pages around graduation time for great deals on furniture, clothing, etc.

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Facebook has Free & For Sale pages, essentially an eBay for graduating college students to desperately get rid of their belongings and furniture. You'd have to find the Free & For Sale page corresponding to a campus near you and join, but there's definitely some great deals!

Just some examples from a brief scroll down:

  • $20 8-foot couch
  • A ton of cheap clothing (more female clothing, and obviously more college/youth-oriented)
  • $25 brand new leather messenger bag
  • Free dressers, desk, bookcase
  • Carpets for $15 - $30
  • $20 - $30 for pretty nice shoes
  • Minifridges for $30 - $50

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