Monday, May 13, 2019

I will help you find cheap flights (again) for free. Everyone deserves to get the chance to travel.

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I have a hobby of aviation and finding cheap airfare. I thought rather than just looking at random flights I could do something fun and pay something forward. Give me your flights in something like this format the more specific the better. NOTE I'm a college student so response times may vary. :)

* Origin: ex. NYC (JFK, EWR, LGA)

* DEST: ex. Miami/FLL

* Departure Dates: ex. 7/1 or 7/1->7/20

* Return Dates: ex. 7/1 or 7/1->7/20. IF One-way just say NA

* LENGTH: ex. 4 days (If you say 1 week please say 7 days or 7-8 days ect.)

* Other: ex No Layovers over 4 hours.

* Expected Budget: ~$120 (Just want to see if I can get below this goal)

* Bags: Carry-On (Goes in the overhead bin)? Personal Item (fits under the seat in front of you)? Checked Bag? This actually matters in the difference in price alot. EX. 1 carry-on, no checked bags.

Again, PLEASE be as specific and as unambiguous as possible. ie 7/15->7/30 is better than "Late July"

Also if want to do it yourself. ITA, theflightdeal, Hopper, Momondo, Google Flights and Kayak, KIWI ( typically great for more IDK where to go moments) are great sites.

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