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How I made $100 on my first day using Swagbucks

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Hey, everyone! I used to do beermoney stuff actively a few years ago, but I recently decided to get back into the beermoney game and open a Swagbucks account. I don't know if this guide will be helpful for anybody, but we'll see how it goes ;)

Note: most of my earnings were made from free (or mostly) free trials. Also, I'm in the US. Your mileage may vary if you either don't want to/can't do free trials and/or you're not in the US.

So let's get started!


ESPN+ Free Trial - 800 SB

I found this offer on the home page. You sign up for a free 7-day trial. Beware that the fine print says "SB will not be awarded if you cancel before 7 days." However, you aren't charged until the 8th day and you should be good to go if you cancel on the last day. I think I paid $1 for this that was not refunded. This went into my Shop Activity as "pending" immediately. Super easy to cancel online.

HelloFresh - 4000 SB

I also found this offer on the home page. There was a warning posted here about a month ago, but this went into my Shop Activity as "pending" immediately. My tips for getting this to track include clearing your cookies + browser, then having this be the only thing open in your browser. Do not navigate away from the page. If you have the Swagbutton, it can be helpful because it let me know my SB were "activated" and that my purchase was tracking.

I spent the most on this one ($19.96 with the promo code), but I was interested in the service anyway and you basically end up getting free food and making $20 off of it. The fine print says you need to stay subscribed for 10 days; however, you can skip a delivery and then cancel your subscription if you're not interested in the service.

Beware that some people have had trouble with getting this to credit.

LifeLock Free Trial - 3000 SB (doubled from 1500 SB)

I found this through Revenue Universe. RevU was doubled today; this offer was usually 1500 SB, now 3000 SB. The terms say that you need to pay $8.99 for a month's subscription in order to receive credit. However, clicking this leads you to a free trial landing page. It'll give you a subscription option to default to after the trial ends. Be sure to choose the "monthly" one instead of the "yearly" one in case you forget to cancel. That way you'll be charged $9 instead of like $100. This didn't even charge me a $1 fee and it credited immediately. I cancelled immediately and still kept the credit. Super easy to cancel online.

Experian $1 Trial - 680 SB (doubled from 340 SB)

I found this through Revenue Universe. Really straightforward trial: you give them $1 and some information, you get money. This is a credit report, so they do need the last four of your SSN; it's a legit company, though, so I wasn't worried about it. It credited immediately. Easy to cancel online, but not as easy as others. If you Google "how to cancel," it'll try to get you to call customer service, but you can also do it through your membership settings.

LinkedIn Learning Free Trial - 180 SB

I found this through the homepage. I can't remember if this cost $1 or not, but I do remember that it credited immediately. It was also very easy to cancel online.

ABCMouse Free Trial - 400 SB

Also found through the homepage. Cost $1; it went into pending under SB activity immediately. The site makes it really easy to cancel online if you want to, and I think the trial is for an entire month so you have some time on this one.

So after all those free trials, that's a total of 9260 SB (or $92.60). I spent about $25, so I made a profit of almost $70 off of just these free trials. To make it the rest of the way to $100, I did a couple surveys, installed the Swagbutton, used a ref code to get 70 SB, and some other offers. TrialPay and PeanutLabs were really finicky with their crediting, but I did find a few diamonds in the rough:

Misc. Offers

Discover: SB Offers: Huggies Rewards Sign Up - 50 SB. Found on the front page.

Discover: SB Offers: Domino's Sign Up - 25 SB. Found on the front page.

Discover: SB Offers: Cedar Point Sign Up - 15 SB. Found on the front page.

There were a bunch of good DailyBreak offers on Revenue Universe as well, doubled from 9 SB to 18 SB each:

  • Discover: Revenue Universe: Dailybreak: Nature Valley
  • Discover: Revenue Universe: Dailybreak: Riviana No Yolks at
  • Discover: Revenue Universe: Dailybreak: C&D A&H Cloud Contro

I don't recommend doing the Listerine one. I couldn't get that one to credit.

It took about two hours to do everything on this list. Hopefully this helps somebody out!

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