Thursday, May 23, 2019

How can I earn 10K Euros in 18 months online from Iran?

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Hello everyone,

please let me begin by telling you a brief description of my life. I'm a guy in Iran in my mid 20's. Sadly, the country has been a very troubled third world one with bad news every day since I remember, however, it suddenly went much worse since the presidency of Donald Trump, and gets worse each day. Corruption plus isolation are ruining this country and corruption is spread everywhere beyond your wildest imaginations. Skyrocketing inflation, ever decreasing value of the local currency, isolation from the whole world (except for the internet which however is slow and most of the websites are banned), etc.

Sure, my life is getting wasted here while I have lots of noble goals and dreams which I am yet to achieve, and they are not achievable here, so sadly. So I just want to study abroad in a decent country like Germany with decent universities, because the universities here are very outdated and retarded and they suck. The only problem is that I can only afford about 10000 Euros and that's it. I'm totally financially dependant to my parents and this is all they can afford due to the low value of the local currency. That amount of money is enough for just one year :( There are student jobs there, but it's better to be safe than sorry, so I think I should at least save another 10K too.

Therefore I need to make at least 10K Euros in one year and a half, starting from now. I've read almost all the related posts here, and sadly none of the methods work here because I can't have a PayPal account or any international bank transactions because Iranians are banned and sanctioned from having almost anything (and there's the threat of a war). The only way to get paid online is to use cryptocurrencies.

It's almost impossible to find an acceptable job in the real world in this country, and %100 impossible to make that amount of money using the Iranian Rial in one year.

So I need to find a way to make that amount of money online in a year. I don't know how, frankly. I've thought of everything, like writing a book, or making an app, but I'm afraid I don't have enough skills for that.

I can start a blog, but I'm not sure what topic to write and how to make it popular in order to earn 10K bucks in a year. There are already great blogs that left me asking what there's left for me to write that others have not done it better before. I think I can do the following things: Transcription of Persian speech, translation into Persian, review artworks and products, draw sketches of cars or maybe design a car, writing simple programs, video/audio editing (but not a master in it).

Also, it's too hard to find someone interested in translating to Persian. It seems such an unpopular language, unfortunately.

So I'm desperately looking for ideas and your comments and recommendations. Would you please help?

Thank you all in advance.

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