Sunday, May 12, 2019

Has anyone ever had a Testable Mind study rejection overturned?

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I've just had my first rejection on a $3 study by a researcher that appears to be an absolute moron. Sorry for being straight to the point but as many of you know, studies on Testable are pretty rare, maybe one a month and so this is extremely infuriating. After spending 10 minutes more than the suggested time the study takes, they had the audacity to reject me saying my answers were rushed. Lmao I only had a couple of minutes left before the study timed out. How much longer could I have spent doing it!?! Also I had a less than average accuracy score which apparently suggests I wasn't paying attention, even though finding out how accurate each demographic are was literally the entire point of the study. There was zero attention checks, just the questions themselves, which were utter crap imo. Choose the image that's the same as the one you saw before watching a stupid video on fucking vegetables. Here's six options which are identical. Ahh you got a couple wrong so I'm gonna reject you zzz

Sorry for the rant. Anyway, I have disputed this directly with Testable and I was wondering if anyone had ever got a rejection overturned or how it works with them. There's no information in the FAQs about rejections and this is the first time this has happened for me on the site so I have no clue what I'm doing tbh. Could anyone shed some more light on their policy regarding rejections, etc? Is it similar to Prolific or do they have their own guidelines?

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