Saturday, May 11, 2019

Gradually getting more and more ignored - Anyone have this?

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I work has been implementing a documentation system that everyone needs to use & also needs to learn how to use.

I have created all the documents on how to use it and continually show via tutorials and posts how people go wrong and hope they will take notice.

It seems to be getting worse where I feel like I am just nagging everyone & I get no response. It seemed to have come from more senior techs & now the more junior (except for 1 or 2) also ignore my efforts.

I am not a tyrant & have been really patient and friendly but now my patience is starting to wear thin, they all benefit from the work I have done, the regulated results of always having the same information available in a methodical manner yet when they have to put information in, it goes in randomly without thought.

Is this an issue with others working remotely? If so how do you counter it without losing your cool and making things worse.

It is at the point now where even if I point out when someone has done things right, I get zero response from them or if someone asks for help and 3 people help that person, they will thank the other 2 people and ignore my efforts.

That happened about 2 weeks ago, in teams where she specifically thanked the other 2 by name even though I was the first to help and my effort was quite a bit more than the other two even though I did not solve it.When she did this I put up a denied high 5 gif expecting to get at least a response - nothing at all.

Even worse & it actually encourages me not to help, a junior will ask for help & I will give a logical, reasonable step to try (25 years experience) and I will get a response along the lines "thats not going to help, this has nothing to do with XXXX even though in their question they have not specified anything that would allow me to know that.

I also do not understand the mindset of people asking for help and then semi ridiculing a person who responds trying to help, its just going to encourage no help next time.

Its like over time there is a general coolness. With my direct manager, not a single idea I have ever come up with has been one that is worthwhile - in two years, not one, my way is always the exact wrong way to go even when his answer makes no I will say "People are not taking any time to follow the procedure to write the documentation correctly, can you help out" the answer will be "Its too complex, people have not got time for this, you need to make it simpler"

The guidlines are about heading font sizes and using bullet points.......

Not sure if I should just start looking elswhere, I like what I do & also I like the fact that working remotely, I do not actually really need to like the people I work with most of the time.

The one guy who hired me, I get along really well with, he sold the company and left about 8 months ago & that is when its gotten a lot more difficult.

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