Sunday, May 12, 2019

First time being frugal

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I have been lurking for a while gaining an understanding about the lifestyle and want to give it a go with all my effort.

I have fallen trap to a habit where whatever it is I want to do or buy I just go right ahead and do it. Which has been very fun for the past year and a half. However that being said I'm going to be moving to Manchester to pursue a course in music production and mixing because I want to do something I love and be creative. I need a better control on my consumption as I won't be able to live as freely as before.

I've compiled a list in no particular order that I would like advice about.

1) budgeting apps and how to stick to my spending limits and How to be realistic with them.

2) some delicious recipes to meal prep and how to store food. I'd like to limit my eating out habits and take food with me everywhere.

3) how to be mindful about delaying gratification and saving goals. I feel like I on purpose keep my bank balance out of sight. which is a bad and a damaging habit on my spending.

4) how to plan out my week effeciently, is there any pdf/excel planners that I can use as a template to give my life structure.

I understand that this is definitely something I could research and Google myself. That being said I believe I'm more likely to get quality recommendations from people who are passionate and have figured out what works for them. Thank you for your time.

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