Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Fired From Rev. Need Some Help & Advice, Please.

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Hi, I wanted to know how someone can work with Rev again when they still have your PayPal information in their system. I am one of the other cases of being fired because of a bad string of bad grading. My metrics were 4.8/4.9, but got grades of 1/1 and three 3/5 grades. It plummeted. I was getting everything graded like 11 projects in a row, which is odd. I usually got one project graded every 2 weeks, but the grading became suspect. I got fired after my 5th grade even converted, which all 5 grades were 5/5.

Long story short, you can easily get hired by Rev again, but once you enter your PayPal information, you have to add your first name, last name and PayPal email address. No other companies do this. I am afraid to make a new bank account because they might recognize my name. I don't know how to get around it. I was told to make a new PayPal, but get a prepaid debit card because they don't need a name for it, but I am skeptic about that process because PayPal would rather you have a bank account to verify your account.

I do not want to do the whole "send X amount of money to your main PayPal and then make new accounts" scheme. It's too much work. Any help would be appreciated. I shouldn't be fired from Rev in the first place. I did the "add a new PayPal email in your account" thing and the same thing happened. Another user is associated with this account.

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