Monday, May 13, 2019

Earnhoney Offertoro Promotion - We squashed a bug and are now offering TRUE 100% payout on all Offertoro wall offers

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Last week we sent out an email stating we increase the rates on the OfferToro offerwall to 100% pass through. Meaning what they pay us, we pay you.


Thanks to several of you here on this subreddit, it came to our attention soon after that the rates showing on our wall were still lower than other sites. Over the weekend we investigated the whys and hows. And we found a bug in our code that was causing the offers to not be true 100% or anywhere near it.


So now we truly offer 100% pass through rate on all offertoro wall offers. The best rates around currently. Here are just some examples of the current offers available:

  • Vikings: War of Clans - iOS or android - Reach palace level 12 - 3221 HD ($32.21)
  • VideoFox 23HD (23 cents) for every 20 min video block
  • RAID - Shadow of Legends for both Android and IOS. Reach a 5 star level and get 1725 HD ($17.25)

Plus many more offers available.

In addition! If anyone completed an offer through the offertoro wall on Earnhoney in the last week. Please contact support with the information of your offer completion and support will credit you the amount you should have been given

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