Monday, May 13, 2019

Does anyone else try to combine their frugality with habits that benefit the environment? If so, at which points do you prioritize one of the other, and what compromises do you make?

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This is a concept that I've found myself struggling with the past couple years.

My wife and I are fairly well-off compared to most, but I still maintain many frugal habits that were developed during university. Along with this, I find myself being constantly aware of my personal impact on the environment, of which many of these habits were learned through Scouting and related activities.

Many things that are frugal also benefit the environment, such as eating less red meat and fewer dairy products. I think back to my family's grocery bill when I was a kid and am shocked at how much was spent - most of which was on meat. Don't get me wrong - my wife and I still eat a lot of meat, but 95% of it is chicken.

Ignoring the moral component of mass-produced chicken for a moment, it's probably both the most environmentally conscious form of meat you can consume, and the cheapest. This assumes you stick with brands that don't overuse antibiotics - that impacts the environment in an equally destructive way, to be sure.

This isn't always the case, though. Often enough, many things that are good for the environment are not so good for your wallet. The example I struggle with the most would be milk alternatives and electric vehicles. I'd love a fully-electric vehicle, but at least until student loans are paid off, it probably isn't in the car(ds).

I grew up in Ohio, so milk and beef were eaten in some capacity almost every single day of my life for most of grade-school. I've since cut cow's milk out of my diet nigh-completely, having replaced it with coconut milk. The downside to this, of course, is that it's twice the price by weight, so I can't drink as much of it as I would like to.

Do you guys find yourselves struggling with similar issues? What choices or compromises have you had to make?

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