Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Do I have bad luck or is this place shady? (Vikings app offer issues)

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I've been around about a month and in that time I've done two app offers (along with surveys and whatnot). The first offer I did I wasn't credited at all and it took multiple emails and about a week to get a customer service person to agree to credit my account. That was annoying and made me concerned that I would have to track everything for fear of never being credited if I don't dispute, but in the end I was credited so it wasn't the end of the world.

Fast forward to this week, and I of course did the Vikings 2,500 SB offer. I finally reached the appropriate level so I immediately went to check my account given the previous issue, and much to my surprise i discovered that i was actually credited the previous day but only for 1,200 SB instead of 2,500 (!!!). Obviously I contacted customer support and they claimed that they couldn't verify any activity on my account related to the app! Obviously that's a bunch of bs because their system wouldn't have credited me at all (smaller amount or not) if there wasn't any trace of me doing the offer.

Is there even anything i can do at this point or can they just say "we aren't seeing it, too bad" and I'm screwed out of $13+?

Is being shorted on Swagbucks common or have i just been extremely unlucky to have issues with the only two offers I've done?

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