Monday, May 13, 2019

Deal Of The Day Solitaire Cube

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Downloaded app, played 10 FREE games then deposited 10$ also got 10$ bonus IN GAME cash (so you cant withdraw the bonus 10) then submitted a ticket because I saw that others had trouble with this offer in the past, got credited soon after the ticket- though I think they're short 75sb so I'll email back.

but here's the thing- if you play any cash games at all, it will use your deposited money FIRST, so you cannot withdraw your 10$ AND THEN play with the bonus 10$. (unless you gamble your 10$, make 10$ more dollars and then withdraw...maybe?)

So you either choose if you want to gamble with the money at all, and have 10$ bonus dollars to gamble with

or you do what I should've did and immediately take your 10$ back out and forfeit the bonus.

last thing, even if you bet the smallest amount which is 40 cents, if you lose it and your original deposit balance goes below 10$, they charge you 1.50$ to withdraw balances below 10$ so you might just want to take it out as soon as you get credit. good luck

Submitted May 13, 2019 at 05:41PM by stacksnek

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