Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Clickworker / Microworker Questions

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Anyone signed up on this website? Are they paying constantly?

Microworkers Questions.

I just signed up on Microworkers yesterday im on 0.50$ woth some pending task not yet rated.

  1. How long does tasks gets rated? Some are instantly rated and some still pending even after 24hours.

  2. How do we receive PINs when cashing out? I'm from Philippines and i know if they ship it to me it would take 2-4weeks or maybe months, is it more advisable to signup for Payoneer to nullify PIN requirements?

  3. Do you use your real name? Social Network accounts when completing tasks? ( I know we should, but there are tasks that i'm kinda worried it seems shady and i think it could ruin my social network account. E.G. sharing Print checks online sharing on, Twitter and facebook )

Clickworkers Question.

  1. Is it safe to upload pictures on some task? Like uploading 60-200 of your photos in 5 years? There is not much info on how they will use it.

  2. What to put on Tax details? I'm a tax exempted worker due to my previous OFW status so i dont have any TIN. ( In Philippines if you work as an OFW you are not required to have a TIN, we are tax exempted. )

  3. I have lesser job available, almost all Uploading pictures tasks and surveys on peanut labs which i have no surveys showing. If i complete atleast 1, will more task will be shown/available for me? Or i need to complete some assessments?

I would thank everyone in advance who will share their experience and answers to my questions.

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