Sunday, May 12, 2019

Anyone from Belgium with experience? Trying to find text based customer service job (WFH due to anxiety)

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I have been looking for a while but unable to find anything. I currently work as an IT engineer fixing computers on a daily basis.

I am badly suffering from anxiety / OCD. This results in many restless nights, and me mentally fighting with myself afterwards to convince myself to relocate from home to my job location.

I have been reading up for weeks, submitting my resume on job application forms, coming to dead ends because of my location (for example Apple At Home Advisor, no such thing exists in Belgium). I once had success applying for a job and they said they wanted to hire me, then I had to fill in USA location based information ... :(

Anyone with Belgium that has had any success with work from home jobs like this? Would gladly hear you out.

I love helping people out with their issues. I have made thousands and thousands of posts on online technical forums aiding people for free just because I am passionate about it. It would be a dream job to do this from home.

(also posted this in WFH so sorry for those double reading this)

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